BBQ Charcoal

The charcoal we supply is made from natural wood and are later used to produce barbecue charcoal. The charcoal consists of less moisture, and about 80-98% carbon which means less smoke and longer burning time (of up to 3 hrs) it is eco-friendly.

Shape: Cylindrical, Hexagonal, cube.

Ash content 3% – 4% max
Volatile matter 5% – 10% max
Size 20mm – 40mm
Carbon 75% – 85%
Colour BLACK
Packaging 20kg – 25Kg – Bulk
Shipment 1*40’FCL (20-21MT)
MOQ 20 Tons
Capacity Unlimited
Origin Iran
Characteristics No chemical mix, smokeless, no spark, scentless, unclad flame, healthy
Long Burning Time 4hours – 7hours