Cargo Inspection

We offer inspection and certification services for a huge range of goods, including Agricultural products, Chemical fertilizers, Livestock and Poultry Feed Premixes, Feed additives, Supplements and general commodities.

We have always been committed to providing the highest quality independent inspection services to support the international trading community.

That means:

•  Accuracy – at all stages of the inspection and certification process, and in our loss control assessments and surveying services

•  Integrity – in adhering to the highest standards of compliance in our inspection, testing, certification and analyses.

•  Reliability – in tracking cargo from port-to-port, and keeping you fully informed at all stages of the journey.

•  Motivation – to continuously strive to enhance value for our clients

At a time of increasing international regulation, we’re on hand to ensure that full and cost-effective compliance is attainable for all businesses.

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