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40ft Refrigerated Containers 2160 x 10kg Baskets

Iranian Kiwi suppliers are among the best kiwi suppliers, which has a record of producing 200 thousand tons in 2019. Iran is one of the top ten kiwi exporters in the world since 1994.

We are one of the Main Kiwi Suppliers with Over 12000 hectares under Kiwi cultivation in Iran.
Kiwi needs a mild-climate and is planted in sandy soil with hummus which is the most suitable soil for growing kiwis.
Our Kiwi orchards in Mazandaran and Gilan are producing more than 110 thousand tons per year. We are known as one of the most important Iranian kiwi suppliers and we monitor each and every step from sourcing the demanded quality, sorting to the desired diameter, packaging and palletizing, to shipment, delivery, and even contribution to the selling process of the ordered products. Thus, Iranian kiwi exports to countries like India, CIS Countries, Persian Gulf Countries, and Europe.

Our Containers and Transport vehicles are refrigerated to maintain the quality of the kiwi in the process of shipping.