Leather Products

Leather production has a long history in Iran. Iran’s modern leather industry began at the start of the twentieth century. Several Iranian companies manufacturing high-quality leather goods established popular brands in recent years.

Competition between these brands has led to enhance quality and designs of the offered leather products both in the domestic and international markets.



Iran ranks twelfth in the world in shoes production, and 177 million pairs of shoes are produced annually in Iran. In terms of job creation, the shoes industry ranks fourth in Iran. Recent estimates show 60-65% of units operating in Iran’s footwear industry are medium and large-sized, while 30-35% are small-sized units. Tehran, East Azarbaijan, Khorasan Razavi, Isfahan, Qom, Zanjan, Alborz, and Qazvin are the leading footwear-production provinces in Iran.

Tabriz province is also known as the hub of the leather industry in Iran. Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Russia are the main destinations of exporting Iranian footwear.
Due to the reasonable climatic conditions, Iran is one of the top 10 countries in leather raw materials. Raw cow and sheep leather of Iran has a desirable and exemplary quality compared to other countries.