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The area around the Persian Gulf has an ideal environment for all kinds of dates to be grown. Mazafati, Zahidi, Piarom, Kabkab, Barhi, Halawy, and Medjool are the most well-known and most traded kinds of Iran dates.

Season Availability: Four seasons

Packaging: 7 kg mother carton which in there are 12 smaller cartons

Customized logo: Min. Order 6 MT

Customized packaging: Min. Order 6 MT

Iran, which is a dominant Persian Dates supplier, is among the top three in the world and due to the suitable (hot and humid) climate in the south of the country, produces and exports Persian dates in huge quantities every year.

Germany, England, China, France, India, Russia, Malaysia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Japan, and many others, are the countries that import Dates from Iran.

Kerman, Hormozgan, Baluchistan, Bushehr, Khuzestan, and Fars are the provinces with the most annual production of Iran dates and are all located close to the Persian Gulf. Bam, a city in Kerman, produces the most popular kind of Iran dates, Mazafati.

What makes Iran dates so special is its high quality and competitive price.

We provide different levels of quality for various market segments and this has led us to be a premier Iranian Dates supplier.

We make our best effort to provide you with high-quality Persian dates suitable for your target market because we believe earning your satisfaction and staying committed to your order until the last minute is our mission.