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Automatic pan feeding system consists of driving device, hopper, feed pipe, auger, suspension lifting device, anti-perching device, feed pan and feed sensor. The main function of the system is to deliver feed in the hopper into each tray to ensure the eating of the broiler chickens and automatically control the motor by the feed level sensor.

(1).The pan feeding line includes: the feed pan / hot dip galvanized pipe / auger / hopper / motor / sensor / the winch.

(2).The feed pan : made by COPP (engineering plastics), low fat soluble.

(3). We will offer poultry house design according to the length and width you want.

(4). Labor-saving and economical, Easy to install and operate.
Layer Battery Cages:
(1) Entirely hot-dipped galvanized material, anti-corrosion, can last for 10-15 years.
(2) Higher raising density and lower investment.
(3) Automatic manure removal system reduce environmental pollution.
(4) Automatic egg collecting system, save labor cost.
(5) Convenient management, epidemic disease easy controlled.
(6) High labor production efficiency.