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Iran is the biggest producer of Bitumen in the Middle East Region. Currently our country exports more than 4 million tons of bitumen in different forms of packaging and transportation means. The number of bitumen target destinations are already beyond 30 countries. The total volume of country’s bitumen production is over 6 million tons out of which 2 million tons are consumed inside the country for various purposes. SAVA is also pleased to announce that ,we are profoundly prepared to spare no effort to assist our customers by providing them with any professional and useful advice and guidance in relation to bitumen industry. Our products can be delivered in difference ways as specified by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) such as EXW, FCA, CPT, FOB, CFR & CIF.

The Methods of Bitumen Export
In general the bitumen products are exported via sea carriers or road transportation and in bulk, barrel and bags. The bulk bitumen are exported through road & sea routes by tankers and vessels. Our company has extensive experiences in exporting bulk bitumen to so many countries like Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Oman, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and China.
One of the most prioritized objectives of SAVA Co. is to supply the highest quality of bitumen with most reasonable and competitive prices for its customers around the world. We have been able to materialize such objective by benefiting from the cooperation of reliable transport companies and also direct provision of the raw materials from the refineries with no middlemen in between.