Persian Pistachio

  • Raw pistachios
  • Roasted pistachios
  • Roasted & Salted pistachios
  • Roasted & Salted pistachios  – Saffron Coated

FLAVOR: Persian Pistachios are slowly dry roasted (no oil!) with sea salt to ensure the highest quality and flavor.

HEART HEALTHY: Persian Pistachios are Certified by the most reliable international labs. When eaten on a regular basis, pistachios help lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease.

NUTRTIONAL POWERHOUSE: A one ounce serving of Persian pistachios is equal to 49 nuts, more per serving than any other tree nut! Pistachios contain all of the 9 essential amino acids making it a complete source of natural plant based protein and is packed with 6g of protein per serving, providing a meat alternative for vegans and vegetarians.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Did we mention that our pistachios are the most wonderful pistachios you will ever taste? The Pistachios from Persia land are widely regarded as “The Best Tasting Pistachios” because of their great taste and superior quality.  Persian Pistachios are also certified Gluten Free, Aflatoxin Free, Non-GMO ,and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

We can supply you with good quality pistachio nuts with specifications as follows:
Physical – Microbiological Requirements:
a) Living parasites none
b) Impurities max. 1 %
c) Mould none

d) Remnants of shell 0,2 %

Chemical Requirements:
a) Moisture max. 6 %
b) Phostoxin max. 0.01 mg / kg
c) Peroxide max. 2 mval / kg

Microbiological Requirements:
a) Aerobic total count max. 100,000/ g
b) Coliforms max. 1,000 / g
c) E. coli max .10/ g
d) Salmonellae negative /25 g
e) Yeast and mould fungus max. 10,000/ g
f) Aflatoxin B1 max. 2 ppb
g) Aflatoxin B1 + B2 + G1 + G2 max . 4 ppb